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    Not a fit for payroll direct? No problem.
     Let's get aligned with the right solution for you.
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One size fits all? All for one & one for all?  "Consultant"  or "Consulting" with a single product? 

This didn't make sense to us either. 

If you aren't a good fit for Paylionce Payroll Direct. Our Paylionce Payroll Brokerage is sure to find the perfect solution. 

This ensures accountability to provide best solution every time.

The World's 
​Easiest Payroll

Mobile optimized payroll allowing

for easy, fast access on any device

​Engagement Portal

On-board with ease and an email. 

Empowering employees with access.  

Guaranteed Tax

All-in-One: Federal, State, Unemployment automation.


Effortless bookkeeping with state of the art technology and human  intervention.

Direct Deposit
W2 & 1099

Direct Deposit for all. 

Saving the planet, one check at a time.

Service Standards​

Service your way® with 

text, chat, or representative.

Professional Services

We have used other payroll providers in the past but NEVER has payroll been so smooth and easy! 

Insurance Agency- IN

Clients Like You, Chose Us

Start Up Business

Starting a new business has many learning curves. Paylionce was by far the easiest. Also, was treated like a friend vs. a number. Thanks guys!

Lawn and Landscape- NC

Signed, sealed, delivered on all their promises- fast, convenient, cheap. 

National Franchise- CA

No Sweat Set-Up Process

Access & Extract
​Prior Provider Data

We will access prior provider system

 with your permission. Extract then transfer 

relative data over for you.

Instant Review 
of Information

Instant login credentials means  no loss of control

 over your data. Make changes or watch the 

conversion in real-time.

Account Set-Up 

Schedule the first payroll run with

 a trainer or review step-by-step 

videos to run on-demand.

Employee Portal
Simple Switch Set Up

Payroll: Built for Ease

Click...Click...Approve. Great job, grandma! You successfully completed payroll!

Our focus group demographic age was, above 70 or under 10. If those two groups could process a payroll with little guidance in under 5 minutes, then you can, too!

Intuitive navigation plus web optimized application equals "World's Easiest Payroll". 

Employee Portal

Management 101: Delegation

If school taught us anything, it was to delegate our work to others. 

Now we are all grown up...so we call this "Empowerment". Empower your employees to take control of their data, like changing direct deposit accounts, address, tax exemptions, or even pulling prior pay history.

Delegation is just an email invite and click away with Paylionce Payroll.


Simplification of Reports

Finding information should be quick, ease, flexible

Sounds like a reasonable request.

Date Range

PDF or Spreadsheet

Detail or Summary

Filter, Group, Drill-Down


    Bookkeeping: No Learn Curve Required

    No Accounting Experience Required

    Get the benefits of a professional bookkeeper at a price you can afford, plus powerful financial reporting.

    Real humans. Perfect books. Your bookkeeping team imports bank statements, categorizes transactions, and prepares financial statements every month. Questions?

    Simple Switch Set Up
    It's REALLY this easy!

    Statistical Fun


    Avg. Minutes to Set Up


    % of  our Clients Process

    ​via Mobile Device


    Avg. % Cost Savings


    Chance of not 

    Being Amazed