California requires that employers post the following notices 

10/22/2019 12:59 AM

California requires that employers post the following notices in a prominent location. Along with Federal Requirements.

  1. Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Orders
  2. Minimum Wage
  3. Paid Sick Leave
  4. Payday Notice
  5. Safety and Health Protection on the Job
  6. Emergency Phone Numbers
  7. Access to Medical and Exposure Records (employers using hazardous or toxic substances)
  8. Operating Rules for Industrial Trucks (employers operating forklifts and other types of industrial trucks or tow tractors)
  9. Notice to Employees—Injuries Caused by Work
  10. Notice of Workers’ Compensation Carrier and Coverage
  11. Whistleblower Protections
  12. No Smoking Signage
  13. Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (employers with 11 or more employees in the previous year)
  14. Farm Labor Contractor Statement of Pay Rates (farm labor contractors licensed by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement)
  15. Prevailing Wage Rate Determinations (public-works awarding bodies and contractors)
  16. Discrimination and Harassment in Employment Are Prohibited by Law
  17. Pregnancy Disability Leave (employers with 5 to 49 employees)
  18. Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave (employers with 50 or more employees)
  19. Notice to Employees (regarding unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and paid family leave insurance)
  20. Notice to Employees: Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  21. Notice to Employees: Time off to Vote
  22. Human Trafficking (certain businesses)
  23. Transgender Rights in the Workplace

    Federal Requirements

    The FirstStep Poster Advisor is designed to help employers comply with the poster requirements of several laws administered by the Department of Labor (DOL). These laws require employers to display official DOL posters where employees can readily observe them. DOL provides the posters at no cost to employers.